About Us

Tattle Labs is a Web3 company founded by @ago_0x & @arman_0x in 2021 that takes part in creating high quality projects for the community.

To us, the community comes first. The main goal is to make sure your investment and our mint are as successful as possible, to achieve all of our goals. We will also constantly work to release the best value and quality possible. We will announce our drop release date once we are satisfied with the project’s quality and technical parts.

The implementation of a community fund (DAO) will also allow for holders to decide how funds should be spent, which means that the project will still gain traction from the public even after the collection is sold out.


Phase 1 - Build the Community - Q1 2022

  • Announcement of Lost Planet NFT Collection
  • Limited of 4,444 1/1 3D Pieces
  • Establish social media presence
  • Community Building
  • Recruit Moderators
  • Build Lost Planet NFT smart contract
  • Whitelisting with off-chain signing + on-chain decryption to verify whitelist
  • Community AMAs
  • Collaborations - networking with other people in the NFT space
  • Pre Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Airdrop of the Tattle Pass to Lost Planet holders
  • Start community votes on future utilities

Phase 2 - Coming soon


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